Lillibrooke Manor Accommodation Booking Terms & Conditions

By booking accommodation through Hestian Stays you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.  If you have any queries before you book and pay, please contact Val Pearson on 077666 02730 or email to

  1. Definitions


1.1. Hestian Stays Ltd (HSL) is a company registered in England and Wales, registered at Companies House with number 14505378, whose registered office is at 12 Wendover Drive, Frimley, Surrey GU16 9QP.

1.2. References to ‘you’ or ‘your’ means the person or organisation making the booking through HSL.

1.3. The Supplier means the organisation, individual, partnership or company which supplies the accommodation, which is Lillibrooke Manor Ltd.

  1. The Booking


2.1. Your booking is with the Supplier. HSL is the Licensee for Lillibrooke Manor accommodation in facilitating a booking through this web site.  Your contract for the booking will be between you and the Licensee in accordance with these terms.

2.2. These terms apply to bookings made via HSL.

2.3. Your booking is confirmed and a legal contract concluded once your payment has been successfully made. No booking is made or contract concluded when payment is declined or unauthorised.

2.4. HSL will facilitate payment of your booking but you do not pay any fee or charge to HSL for its services. HSL will charge to the Supplier a management fee in respect of each booking which is payable to HSL by the Supplier.

2.5. You agree that the booking is for a short term stay for leisure, business or temporary purposes and does not give rise to an assured shorthold tenancy or lease and is an excluded agreement within the meaning of s.3A(7)(a) of the Protection from Eviction Act 1977.

2.6. Bookings are for one night – for longer stays please contact Val Pearson of HSL on

2.7. Bookings may only be made by a person aged 25 or above and there must be at least one person aged 25 or above staying in the accommodation.  Where you are not the person also booking the event, you will need to provide your details to HSL.

2.8. You may not re-sell or re-assign your booking to any other person or organisation except with the express authority of the Supplier.

  1. Payment and Cancellations


3.1. All payments shall be made by bank transfer via the link given on your invoice.  Payments by credit or debit card (including Amex) can be made and a link sent to you on request. HSL does not charge booking fees or credit or debit card fees.

3.2. Full payment is required upon confirming your booking unless expressly agreed otherwise by the Supplier.  HSL shall supply an invoice on behalf of the Supplier.

3.3. The total price for your entire stay will be presented to you before you confirm your booking and make payment.

3.4. The following cancellations provisions apply unless specified otherwise in the reservation information provided prior to booking.

3.5. Both HSL (on behalf of the Supplier) and you may cancel the booking at any time up to 21 days prior to the first day of your booking in which case a full refund will be made to you, less an admin fee of £200.

3.6. If you cancel the booking within 21 days of your booking then the Supplier reserves the right to retain the full amount paid.

3.7. If it becomes necessary for HSL (on behalf of the Supplier) to cancel your booking due to unforeseen events outside our reasonable control, we will notify you immediately and provide a full refund.

  1. Your stay


4.1. Check-in time is no earlier than 3.30pm, and check-out time no later than 10.30am, as detailed in the reservation information on the web site and will apply to your stay unless expressly agreed otherwise by the Supplier.

The Supplier may request an additional payment for earlier check-in or later check-out (where available). Information on the check-in and check-out procedure and access to the accommodation  will be provided separately.

4.2. Your booking is for serviced accommodation rather than a hotel or guest house service (unless expressly specified otherwise). Information on all inclusions is detailed in the reservation information on the web site

4.3. Included in your rooms will be linen and towels, shower gel and shampoo.

4.4. You are responsible for the conduct of all persons staying within the accommodation and shall ensure that they comply with these terms and conditions. In particular you and your guests must not:

              4.4.1. Smoke in the premises. All rooms and common spaces in our accommodation is  strictly non smoking – you and other guests may only smoke outside of the premises.

              4.4.2. Bring any pets into the premises, with the exception of assistance dogs or unless  expressly agreed by the Supplier;

              4.4.3. Bring any potentially dangerous or hazardous materials or equipment onto the premises;

              4.4.4. Tamper with any fire alarms or emergency equipment;

              4.4.5. Remove, damage or destroy any Supplier property;

              4.4.6. Use any technology provided by the Supplier to download or access any unlawful or  obscene material;

              4.4.7. Make excessive noise particularly after midnight;

              4.4.8. Fail to return keys at the end of your stay as, in the interests of security, the Supplier  may have to replace the corresponding locks (which will be chargeable).

  1. Damage, theft and costs

5.1. HSL reserves the right, on behalf of the Supplier, to make additional charges in respect of the below. Any such charge will be payable by the signatory to this agreement, whether caused directly by you or not.

              5.1.1 The cost of replacing or repairing any property of the Supplier including furniture,

 upholstery, fittings, appliances or other fixtures and items which are damaged during your stay;

              5.1.2 The cost of replacing any items of property which are stolen from the accommodation

 during your stay

              5.1.3 Any breach of the Supplier’s non-smoking policy. A standard charge of £150 will be  charged where the Supplier finds evidence of smoking within the accommodation to cover cleaning costs but the Supplier reserves the right to charge additional amounts to cover any damage caused by smoking

5.2. Such costs may be charged on check-out and HSL reserves the right, on the behalf of the Supplier, to invoice such charges at a later date where necessary, which you agree to pay within 14 days of receipt.

5.3. HSL or the Supplier will provide a receipt including a breakdown of costs for all additional charges.

  1. Privacy, Data Protection and Credit/Debit Card Security


6.1. HSL processes information about you that you provide when making a reservation in accordance with our privacy policy. By providing this information you consent (on your behalf and on behalf of each member of your group) to such processing and you warrant that all information provided by you is accurate

6.2. For full details on how we collect, use and store personal data including the use of cookies please see our full privacy policy.

6.3. We use a secure third party service to process card payments ( This service is PCI-DSS compliant and allows us to make charges to your credit and debit card in accordance with these terms. We do not make or store any copy of your card details in our own systems or elsewhere. You can read the privacy policy of the third party provider here:

  1. Enquiries


7.1. HSL will seek to respond to or resolve any reasonable enquiry you may direct to it in relation to your booking, however HSL shall not be liable for any delay in or failure to respond to or resolve an enquiry raised directly with itself. If in doubt you should contact the Supplier directly using the details provided in the booking confirmation.

  1. Complaints


8.1. HSL and the Supplier want to ensure that you have an enjoyable stay and it is important that you notify HSL of any problems arising during your stay so they have the opportunity to rectify them quickly. 

8.2 If you have a complaint regarding HSL’s service it should be raised with the Supplier as soon as possible. If the Supplier is unable to informally resolve any complaint you have at the time of your stay then you may submit a formal complaint in accordance with this procedure. Formal complaints should be submitted in writing to the Supplier via . Please provide as much information as possible in order that the Supplier may properly investigate your complaint.

8.3. If you wish to make a complaint about HSL’s services (i.e. in relation to the booking process) then this should be submitted by email via . HSL aims to respond to formal complaints within 2 working days but if this will not possible HSL will notify you of this and of when it expects to respond.

  1. Limitation of Liability


9.1. As an agent HSL holds no liability to you in relation to your booking or stay at and use of the accommodation. Such liability lies with the Supplier in accordance with the following terms of this clause.

9.2. HSL endeavours to ensure that all information provided prior to, during and after your booking has been made is accurate but shall not be responsible for any incorrect or missing information regarding the accommodation or booking.

9.3. The liability of the Supplier to you under these terms and conditions shall be limited to the total value of your booking (unless the Hotel Proprietor’s Act 1956 applies, in which case the Supplier’s liability will be limited to the maximum prescribed under that Act) except where such loss is caused by the Supplier’s negligence, in which case it shall be limited to any direct and reasonably foreseeable loss suffered by you.

9.4. The Supplier shall not be liable in any circumstances to you for any consequential or indirect

loss including loss of profit, data, management time, reputation or goodwill.

9.5. The Supplier shall not be liable for any damages or loss caused by conditions or events beyond its control including, but not limited to:

              9.5.1. Strike, lockout or other labour dispute affecting the employees of the Supplier;

              9.5.2. Acts of God;

              9.5.3. Natural disasters;

              9.5.4. Acts of war or terrorism;

              9.5.5. Act or omission of government, highway authorities or telecommunications carrier,       operator or administrator;

              9.5.6. Delay in manufacture, production or supply by third parties of equipment or services

              required for the performance of the Services or production and supply of the Goods

9.6. Nothing in this clause or these terms shall limit either the Supplier or HSL’s liability for death or personal injury or in respect of fraudulent misrepresentation.

10. Severability

10.1. If any provision or provisions of these terms and conditions shall be held to be invalid, illegal, unenforceable or in conflict with the law of any jurisdiction, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby.

  1. Waiver


11.1. The failure of any party at any time to require performance of any provision or to resort to any remedy provided under these terms and conditions shall in no way affect the right of that party to require performance or to resort to a remedy at any time thereafter, nor shall the waiver by any party of a breach be deemed to be a waiver of any subsequent breach. A waiver shall not be effective unless it is in writing and signed by the party against whom the waiver is being enforced.

  1. Entire Agreement


12.1. These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement of the parties and supersedes all prior communications, understandings and agreements relating to the subject matter hereof, whether oral or written.


  1. Third party rights


13.1. The Supplier shall be entitled to enforce its rights under this Agreement against you or any person staying at or using the accommodation.

13.2. Otherwise, nothing in this Agreement is intended to, nor shall, confer any rights on a third party unless expressly provided otherwise.

  1. Jurisdiction


14.1. This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with English Law and the Courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction in so far as any matter arising from this Agreement is required to be referred to a court of law.

  1. The Guest’s Obligations


The Guest has the right to occupy the property for a Rental Period only (within the meaning of schedule 1, Paragraph 9 of the Housing Act 1988.) The Guest agrees: – That in no circumstances should overnight accommodation be provided for guests other than those intended, to the maximum number allowed of 12 adults/children and 2 extra children (on sofa bed) in the Manor House, 2 adults in The Loft, and 2 adults in The Old Piggery. – To undertake to pay for any losses or damage to the property caused.

– To take good care of the property and leave it in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the


– To permit the Supplier and HSL reasonable access to the property.

– Not to cause an annoyance or become a nuisance to occupants of adjoining premises.

– Not to be the cause of any loud noise between midnight and 9am.

– Not to smoke in the property

– Not to bring any pets to the property.

– To read any safety notices and advice upon arrival in the property.

– No to re-let or sublet the property to any other group/party.

– To only use the property strictly for residential purposes.

– Not to use the property for parties or gatherings. If, on arrival, it is felt the Guest is intending to use the property for such an event, the Guest will be refused entrance.

– Not to light any fires or candles in the property.

– Not to permit any visitors to enter the property.

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